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The New American Office: CoWorking Spaces

Women CoWorking

The New American Office: CoWorking Spaces By Nicklous Salzman, Founder 143 CoWork, LLC Copyright © 2019 Nicklous Salzman. All Rights Reserved. The traditional American office and working arrangement is dead.  There will no longer be water cooler talks, timecards, cakes in the conference room, or disappearing early on Friday afternoon to get a head start […]

Coworking and Goldilocks

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Coworking and Goldilocks Goldilocks “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is the familiar tale of seeking perfection and a “just right” in a world of extremes and options.  Staring down a hallway of closed office doors for anyone, especially Goldilocks, is anxiety inducing.  Why are they all closed?  Do any of them lead to freedom?  A […]